English Pronunciation Training, Auckland, NZ


Refine Your English Accent. Redefine Your Future. 

We provide specialist communication training for non-native speakers of English living and working in Auckland, NZ.



Discover the Secrets

Learn practical tips and tricks for clear speech which you won't find on an app or in a general English class.



Sound More Natural

Fine-tune your accent and achieve natural English rhythm and intonation so others understand you more easily.


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Feel More Confident

Have the confidence and ability to express the "real you" and stand out at work and in social situations.


Annika is the real deal! After 10 sessions, I can firmly say that I have gained a new perception on English language & pronunciation and most of all I have become more confident now.
— Bruno, Brazil

Our Mission

To provide the absolute highest quality and most effective accent modification service available in New Zealand. 

To enable non-native speakers to express themselves clearly and confidently in English and give them the opportunity to integrate fully into New Zealand society.


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