Speak Up.

Be Heard.

English Speech and Voice Coaching

Auckland, New Zealand


 The Accent Studio provides individual and group Speech and Voice Training Programmes for non-native speakers of English. We work mainly with professionals who require strong communication skills for success at work. Whether your focus is building stronger relationships with colleagues and clients, participating effectively in meetings, or developing your presentation skills, we can help you achieve your ideal voice.



Speak More Accurately

Learn practical techniques for extra clear, precise articulation of speech sounds, words and sentences.



Speak More Naturally

Practise using a consistent and authentic speaking style with standard rhythm and intonation so others can understand you more easily.



Speak More Confidently

Gain the confidence you need to express yourself, have your skills recognised at work, and fully integrate into an English speaking environment.



Why Choose The Accent Studio?

Specialist Training

With extensive English language teaching experience and a background in speech and language therapy, we are uniquely qualified to offer you a comprehensive service. Receive targeted, constructive feedback on your pronunciation and focus on both your perception and production of speech from a trainer you can trust.


As well as regular office hours Monday to Friday, at The Accent Studio we are also able to come to you at your workplace in Central Auckland. All we need is a private place to work. Otherwise, we can arrange after hours appointments most weekdays. If you’re not based in Auckland, no worries, we can do your training online.

Individualised Programmes

Choose from a range of programmes depending on the time you have available in your schedule and the style of learning that works best for you. All programmes are customised based on an initial consultation and speech assessment. Only learn what is a priority for you!

Proven Method

There's so much more to changing the way you speak than just repeating sounds. Our programmes are guided by the most up-to-date research in accent and pronunciation training. In addition to the basics, you'll also learn how to use intonation, rhythm and pacing effectively.

Annika is a great teacher who is not only concerned about helping me reduce my accent, but also encouraging me to feel more confident and proud of my distinct background. Her methodology is different from everything that I tried before. She is a lovely person and an excellent professional always studying what is new in her field and trying her best to customise the course for my needs. I totally recommend Annika as an Accent Coach.
— Clarissa, Brazil


Our apologies…
Annika is not currently taking on new clients as she will be on maternity leave from May - August 2019.

You can still submit an enquiry form to get more information about starting a programme from August onward, but please be aware Annika may not be able to reply immediately. 


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